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Price:  £18.00
Special offer price:  £14.40

Your credit cards are safe from data theft in this wallet: it has a special lining, which protects your RFID data. Thanks to its flat, seam-free construction, the DRYFOLD is perfect for travelling in countries with high humidity. Credit cards and mobile phones, contain data stored via RFID (radio frequency identification). This makes identification easier and also allows the unwelcome reading of this data. This special lining, with a nickel-copper-nickel layer, protects against data theft. 
By 2012 it is estimated that over 29 million British citizens will carry some form of RFID enabled device.

All UK passports issued since 2006 store bio-metric information about the holder. Likewise, 'contactless' credit cards are also being issued with embedded RFID chips. We are concerned that RFID information theft may be the next major crime wave to hit the UK.

Security risks have already been identified with this relatively new technology, and many cards (even your new bio-metric passport) could be read quite easily using portable equipment. (RFID data has been 'skimmed' from distances between 50 to 69 feet using suitable equipment.) As this technology develops, criminals will become even more motivated to steal your personal details - and you won’t feel a thing!



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